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...seek Him diligently and you shall live...

The wisest king of Yisra’el (Israel) instructed his house:
“And let our hearts be perfect toward YHVH our Eloah (God), to walk also set-apartly
 in his decrees and to keep his commandments, as this day is.” Orthodox Jewish  
writings tell us of all the righteous men who walked the earth only two were
 completed in their lifetime; Chanok (Enoch) and Eli’yahu (Elijah).

Clearly then it is easily said but hard to accomplish. It was prophesied thus;
“And I searched for a man  from among them behaving uprightly and standing before
 me perfectly in the time of anger, so that  I should not utterly destroy her: but I did not find him.”

But our Creator knows his creation, hence the Shaddai (Most High) stated to Abraham;
 “I will lay before you the ages to come: because you have loved to search me out
 and I have named you my lover.”
Again it is written; "YHVH looked down from heaven
at the sons of men,  to see if there were any that understood, or searched after Elohim.

Is this not why it is said in Scripture;
“And it shall come to pass that whoever calls on the name of YHVH shall be saved:
 for in mount Tzion and in Yerushalim  the saved one shall be  as YHVH has said,
and those that have glad tidings preached to them, whom YHVH has called.”

Search for YHVH all you who dwell on the earth,
seek Eloah diligently and you shall live!


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