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1 Enoch 

Sky tripper

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I ENOCH, Sky-tripper: First Enoch, The True Names Translation. 

Jackson Snyder's new edition of 1 Enoch takes into account Isaac's annotation on the Coptic translation, the English translations of Isaac and Laurence, and the latest editions of the Dead Sea Scroll portions. Technical terms are rendered in Hebrew transliteration, as are proper names and places. Excessive wordiness has been eliminated, updated definitions clarify ancient word meanings, and the errors of pre-1950 translations are corrected. Includes a glossary of Hebrew technical terms left untranslated in this edition. 

Other Authors
1 Enoch; George W.E Nickelburg and James C. Vanderkam
1 Enoch; Richard Laurence

The Recollections of Clement

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Did you ever wonder why the Bible-writing churchmen only gave Simon Peter a few pages while Paul, who never knew the Master in the flesh, was given room enough for a dozen books?

Didn’t Peter hold the Kingdom Keys? Didn’t the Master tell him to “feed my sheep”? Wouldn’t you think someone would have recorded his acts and teachings, and see that they got into the Bible?
Peter’s ministry was documented!

His biographer was Titus Flavius Clemens, an affluent Gentile convert, who was appointed to record Peter’s mission by James the Just, the leader of the Nazarenes in Jerusalem. James’ order to Clement – to document Peter’s life - is fulfilled in this book, which is a day-to-day diary of what Peter (Kefa) did, said, and taught during his missionary trip from Jerusalem to Tripoli. Clement called this book his Epitomē. Others called it, The Recognitions of Clement. 

 Clement went on to succeed Simon Peter as the second Overseer (Bishop) of the Nazarene Assembly in Rome; within this volume are documents that prove the succession.  Yet this entire diary, which Clement worked so hard to perfect and James to protect, churchmen proclaimed as FALSE. It was hidden away in a dusty old volume of The Church Fathers. 


Other Authors
Ante-Nicene Fathers. Vol. 8

Kata Mattyah: According to Matthew

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KATA MATTYAH: According to Matthew: A New Translation from Ancient Witnesses. Translated from 3rd Century Sinaitic Manuscript א And Diligently Compared With The H. L. Anderson New Testament (begun in 1861), The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Aramaic Peshitta, and The Nestle-Aland 26 Greek Text: For Readers of the English Language.
Kata Mattyah is very useful for gaining a command of the biblical Hebrew language. Many common transliterated Hebrew words replace their English counterparts so that the student progressing through this version will gain a basic Hebrew vocabulary. Includes full text of Matthew, annotations, pronunciation guide, and complete Hebrew, Aramaic, Latin & Greek Glossary

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