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He, who desires the Shaddai (Most High) to walk with him,
thinks on thoughts that entertain the Saddai and not himself.

Live your life as if everyone can see your most intimate thoughts.

Some say; If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all.
But I say; If you can't think anything good don't think anything at all.

If what we think starts in the mind; surely we should mind what we think.

He who conceals what is in his own heart can never reveal what is in Eloah's heart.

If seven of the purest virgins can dwell in your tabernacle without complaint,
you are doing well.

An idol is anything or being
 that renders to you what you ought to receive from Eloah.

What we covert today is tomorrows rubbish.

The heavens are like a coin; just because we cannot see the other side
does not mean it's not there.

The sons of light and the sons of impiety are distinguished by this;
those who can bear the light
and those who prefer to extinguish their lamp.

Those that think they are perfect judge, but know not the thoughts of Eloah.

Complete obedience is a step away from perfection.

Lying is for him who finds the truth hard to bear.

The wildest animals make the most noise.

Eloah is the greatest artist of all, only if he draws us can we see Him.

He who is attentive, listens for the bread he prays for every day.

He who is foolish trips and does not stop to think.

Those who do not search will never find, and they will not dig if they
do not want to know.

Do not stop searching until you perfect that which is found.

The blind can see! Is this why we still hold onto our stick?

We have no reason to rush, for wherever we are, we are already there.

Pride belongs to lions, and decay awaits the victims of that pride.

The boasts of man are as the shouts of an ant.

Man likes to comfort the ear. But I say, gourge out the wax.

If you would like to see Eloah: first light your lamp
and thereafter you will not need it!

Sin is ruin and the ruined are not conscious of themselves,
 thus the ruined ruin the ruined.

What you are inside is outside for all to see.

Our home can be saved, but the spirit who wilfully destroys it cannot.

Live not for gain but gain that which others have lost.

You can wait to be touched by Eloah; then put aside that which you hate
or you can touch Eloah and put aside that which you love.

Just because the Creator gave us a credit card called free will,
does not mean that we should exhaust it; for we do not yet know its repayments.

Beware when walking trough the fields, the thorns and weeds will cling to you.

Though the seed of the mind is hidden, the crop of wheat or thorns are clearly apparent; 
even still the wheat must be threshed.

As long as the wise and wicked dwell together, it is not posible to please both.

If the water from a tap is foul, surely the source cannot be clean.

Do not concern yourself with what people think, 
but rather concern yourself with him who considers all thought.

How is it that the greatest Name in the universe is put on all the
messengers of rigteousness, yet we do not know that name?

The rude are scorned but friends are told secrets.

Scripture says; the righteous are narrowly saved;
O where can my generation hide?

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